The Art of Creating

Every second of every day, with every breath we take, we are creating. Now, the choice is what to create. We can create life, love, happiness, growth, art, peace; or, we can create fear, stagnation, hate, strife, and even death.

It has become my core belief that everything I do creates something because of the choice I made. Knowing that I have that power means I have the obligation to use it. Like Spiderman taught us, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  The tricky thing is that everyone has this power. Every single human being has the potential to create. Again the question falls to: what do you create?

I chose to create life, to create love in the footsteps of the great creator, my Papa, YHVH.

I guess the next question is, how? I am still working on that one and will tell you as soon as I have the answer. I think it is something you have to choose every second of every day. With every breath I breathe I have to choose what I am going to create in that moment and who I am going to be.

Breathe in. Choice: create life. Breathe out. Choice: be a Son of YHVH.

And then, one day, you find that making the choice to create life and love and live the life of a Son is as natural to you as breathing. To not do so is to not breathe. And like not breathing, if you do it long enough pain fills your being and begs you to take in that much needed breath or your very survival is at risk.

So I chose to breathe. I chose to live. I chose to create like my Papa creates. I chose to create life and love with every second of everyday.


created Sept. 20 for one of my best friends and sister’s birthday.


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